Kingdom of Panders is a public Discord server mostly based around memes and gaming, although the server does not associate itself to any topic whatsoever. The server was created in 2017 and has had a long history ever since. It went through multiple arcs and has encountered many allies and enemies.


Kingdom of Panders originally named EYS Assembly Hall started as a small alternative to the EtikaYoutubeStream server. It consisted of the most relevant members of EYS. As EYS became gradually worse due to Feathers' poor moderation, the EYS Boycott got larger which resulted in the Assembly Hall becoming its own server and eventually overthrowing the activity from EYS.

During March/April 2018 prosperity in KoP started disappearing. After concern increased surrounding the moderators and Panders' general ability to run KoP, respect for the server was at an all time low. After Kirby got banned from Fade's Minecraft Server, The Fall of KoP began, where members of KoP started a new revolution. This led to the creation of The Bronx which would last for a year, until nostalgia for KoP eventually made everybody come back to the server.

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